The posters

In addition to the book we also present the ensomatosy illustrations as high quality posters in three different sizes.

The posters are made to hang in your clinic or studio and to inspire you and your clients to see the more holistic view of the human from.

The paths in the ensomatosy illustrations represent three different categories.

First they represent the paths of load. When moving through gravity the paths become the representation of the that eccentric load travels through the tissues of the body.

Secondly they represent the paths of development. They are the most common paths that our hands follow and go across when we are working manually with a body.

Finlay they represent the paths of integration. Together with the gradient they give a visual aid to acknowledge that the body is one indivisible unit.

The ensomatosy illustrations are not a scientific absolute, they are instead more an artistic expression acknowledging the complexity the body represent.

The high quality posters are printed and shipped to all counties by our partner All orders and deliveries are handled by Click the button to open a new window with the price and shipping information.

To Swedish customers we sell and ship the poster via

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